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The Importance of Celebration (and Swedish Fika!)

How do you celebrate a company milestone when your team members are spread across seven countries?

In an increasingly connected world, we're probably not the only company thinking about how to best acknowledge a job well done.

The solution?

A typical Swedish fika over Google hangout.

Proud of our Swedish heritage, we decided to spread the fika concept across our offices.

The definition of fika turned out to be quite broad.. including princess cake, chocolate cake, toast and impressive DPOrganizer printed cupcakes from our Amsterdam team.

When you move quickly and get absorbed in work, it is easy to forget the progress made.

It is important to stop, reflect and celebrate everything we have achieved.

So we make it a point to celebrate!

For all types of achievement - small and big.

How do you celebrate milestones in life and business?

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  • Adiola Clarke
  • Alex Pirozhkov
  • Andreas Yannelos
  • Captain Compliance
  • Cecilia Bratt
  • Egil Bergenlind
  • Filip Lundberg
  • Jens Ryden
  • Johannes Sjöberg
  • Lelle Cryssanthander

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